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6 Tips on better Recovery


The most fun days on the trails and roads are when your legs feel good and the pace hastens effortlessly. The greater your ability to recover between runs the more opportunities to experience such bliss. Our goal at Premvida has always been to aid athletes in the pursuit of their greatest joys in life. With that in mind, here are 6 easy tips on how to better recover so you’ll be ready to cruise day in and day out.


  1. Cool Down – The workout isn’t over when you make it back to your car. After each run it’s necessary to gradually bring your heart rate back down to resting and to let the muscles relax. Before jumping in the driver’s seat, go for a 5-minute walk or finish your run a few blocks from the house to avoid your legs from tensing up later in the day.
  2. Bring a snack – It takes a lot of calories to motor your body through a 5-mile run and when you’re done and the body is depleted it’s essential to refuel. It’s suggested to take in carbs and protein at a 4:1 ratio and consume a couple hundred calories. It doesn’t have to be a perfect science, but a piece of fruit and an energy bar will be enough to help restore glycogen and begin the process of rebuilding muscle.
  3. Hydrate – This one is so simple and obvious, yet many athletes don’t take it seriously enough. Water is the lubricant that allows your body to function properly. But chugging water just creates a lot of urine. Instead, small consistent sips of 2-3oz are the most efficient way to rehydrate. Carry a bottle that you can refill so you never have to play catch up.
  4. Put your legs up! – We spend all day on our feet and so the blood begins to pool in our feet and lower extremities. At some point during the day, elevate your legs whether it’s on the couch or against the wall to help the swelling decrease. It will help improve circulation and help get some blood back to the heart. And a 5-minute rest can double as some mid-day meditation!
  5. Cross-train – It is a commonly held belief that the best way to get better at running is to run. And while we won’t argue with that fact, there should still be some rest built into your training week. That’s why we suggest taking the occasional day off just to ride a bike or swim instead. The reduction of pounding will give your body a break, but you can still advance your fitness with a new challenge.
  6. Roll out with The Arrow – Using a vibrating foam roller can provide your muscles with a myofasical and trigger point release. The tempo of the massage lulls your body into a state of relaxation, which allows the roller to dig deeper and work out tighter knots more efficiently. A quick roll can lengthen the muscles and get blood flowing for a more effective workout.