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The Story of the Brand


At the foundation of sport lies the pursuit. PREMVIDA began with this notion in mind. Our story began on a youth cross-country team, where two athletes discovered themselves taking practice more seriously than their classmates. Our founders, Foon and Kyle, became addicted to the never-ending chase to go faster. As they grew older, wiser and more competitive it became evident that the ‘little things’ matter. It was not enough to only work hard, but it was imperative that they work smart. Rather than just waiting for the next one, that time between runs became a valuable opportunity to recover. And with health, came personal bests. 

17 years of friendship later, they still talk daily about their training and running. Kyle, now a 3x world record holder with a mile time of 3:52 and olympic trial 1500m finalist is now competing professionally for the HOKA NJ*NY Track Club. Foon is still in the sport as well, now as a coach having worked with athletes of all abilities, recreational to Olympic. And as the mileage on their shoes continue to pile up and the watch keeps ticking, it has become more evident how important it is to keep oneself in balance.

PREM translates to ‘love’ in Sanskrit and VIDA to ‘life’ in Spanish. Our hope and mission is to help athletes find health and success in their body so they may continue on their pursuit to find a love for life.